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No more empty cell phone battery and ready for a party anytime, anywhere
At the sea or in the mountains, while playing sports or chilling, the BBOM always cares
for the right beat.




Two speakers provide stereo sound.

You can use Bluetooth for example. connect your mobile phone with the BOOM backpack and keep your mood

No more an empty cell phone battery, with the built-in power bank you can load up to 4 times your phone.

It all started at a Chinese fair.

It all started at a Chinese fair.

As we walked through the gallery of independent Chinese young designers, the novel form of a backpack magically attracted us: similar to the Spider-Man mask, it had a diamond-shaped exterior - the symbol of a stubborn and unwavering will that would give wings to its wearer. Only then did we discover the audio function of the backpack! We were overwhelmed by this perfect blend of high quality functionality and cutting-edge designs. Did not we wait for that? On a backpack that would make music lovers as happy as people with a taste for tasteful, highly individualized fashion?

Industrial design is a kind of technology-related art. It is clear that modern industrial products are based on technical developments; however, not every day new technology arises. Just as little as any new technology finds its way into - really beautiful - end devices. In the midst of this conflict between technology and aesthetics, designers find creative scope for their product ideas. Especially the small design studios manage to show the freedom and originality of their artist personality in their products.

Even at the fair, our idea emerged: we want to build a platform for these independent designers. Not just for Chinese, but for young designers from all over the world. We want to build a bridge between designers and customers through which we bring the new products to market. Because in addition to high quality - which underlies our product selection as the top criterion - innovation and timeliness are the foundations of our philosophy.

Wehlingweg 35, D-69469 Weinheim

Tel: +49 (0) 6201 257 964 6,


Company registration number:
HRB 720535
Mannheim District Court
WEEE Reg. No .:
DE 31467727

Herr Lei Hu

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For the expansion of our sales network, we are looking for dealers in the following postcode areas:
Flensburg   Kiel   Lübeck   Hamburg   Bremen   Oldenburg   Schwerin   Rostock   Neubrandenburg
Berlin   Magdeburg   Frankfurt   Mannheim   Kaiserslautern   Pirmasens   Landau   Karlsruhe   Stuttgart
München   Leipzig   Hannover   Dortmund   Essen   Köln   Karlsruhe   Nürnberg   Saarbrücken

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